“If everything around you feels rich in color and super comforting, people will always feel like they are home.” - Lea Michele for DomaineHome

Rachel Berry as Fanny Brice.

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"I don’t know where inside that small frame Berry went to find the emotion she delivered with that song, but she melted the icy heart of this reviewer."

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Open it!

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What’s in for spring? Statuary poodles and garden salads, of course.

When actress and singer Lea Michele asked us to help transform her outdoor space, we jumped at the chance. “The two things I wanted were to add color and to make it more comfortable,” says Michele of her idea for an outdoor space better suited to hosting in LA’s near-perfect weather. With that in mind, our own Estee Stanley and Mat Sanders reimagined spring’s palette in fresh Sunbrella fabrics, plopped concrete poodles from LA’s Inner Gardens on the poolside, and transformed Lea’s space into an outdoor wonderland using mixed pieces from Crate & Barrel‘s spring outdoor collections. Read on for Lea’s tips on nailing the looks she loves most in your own backyard.


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"Oh my God. I am a huge Glee fan, too. I am so obsessed with Lea Michele [who plays Rachel]. She is my favorite—Spring Awakening, hello! When she did “Jar of Hearts” I remember it was actually the day my first album came out. We did not plan that. I don’t even know what you call that. It was the best luck ever. She sang the song so strongly. It was so rad, there is just no other way to put it. It was so overwhelmingly cool.
I also didn’t believe anyone until I saw it because that is too awesome, like no way! Then when I saw it I knew it was real. I told Lea I loved it; then she ended up cutting one of my songs recently on her album. That whole thing keeps blowing my mind. I wrote “Empty Handed” on her album Louder."

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